Frequently Asked Questions


Can we rent the Woman’s Club for a Bar Mitzvah, Quinceanera, or another event for teenagers? 

No, we only rent for adult events, though, of course, children do attend wedding receptions, memorial services, and their grandmother’s 75th birthday party.  The honoree must be 18 or older.

How late can we play music?

You may play amplified music until 10pm. Since we’re located in a neighborhood, after 10pm, music should be acoustic and/or at a reasonable volume.

How do we pay the rental fee?

The rental fee is due with a completed contract.  We ask for the full fee plus the security deposit when you rent the club, but for a convenience fee of $200, you can split the fee in half, paying the first half with the contract and the second half a month before the event.

Can I place a hold on a date?

You can place a hold, for 7 days, if you have toured the clubhouse and are planning to rent.

Do you supply linens and china?

No, you will get all of your table setting supplies through your caterer.

Can I get a lower rate if my organization is a non-profit?

No, we are unable to give a discount, as the rental fees pay for the maintenance of the historic property.

Can I bring in food and prepare it for my event?

No, we require a licensed, professional caterer for each event that takes place at the clubhouse.  We contact the caterer, providing the rules and regulations at the Woman’s Club.

How is parking?

We only have on-street parking, except for room for 2 vehicles for the caterer.  On the weekend, there are no parking restrictions.  During the week, parking is for 2 hours.  There are public parking garages nearby where there is free parking for 3 hours on weekdays.

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