Member Events


Member Events

Welcome to our new Board and new board president, Sue Krumbein!

Look for our announcement of CLUB DAYS coming soon to your inbox!  New and exciting programming starts this fall at the Woman's Club.  Mark your calendar now -  Thursday, September 7 - our first Club Day and  "grand re-opening" of the club.  Can't wait to see you there.  Details later this month!

Museum Fridays resume!  Ginny B, Judy F and Jean P will lead this interest group in the 4th year of fabulous museum trips!  Read the "teaser" here!

Did you know that an archive of Club Newsletters dating back to 2009 are available on our website?  

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Clubhouse Calendar


Check our calendar for information and details about all club activities (and there are many!)  Click the button bellow to access the Clubhouse Calendar.






Interest Groups

If there is something else you are interested in please contact a member of the your WC Board. We will work together to make it happen! Check our Clubhouse Calendar for details about ALL interest groups, schedules, locations, signup and other details.

Started in March 2011.  ALL levels of players are welcome! Instruction available for $15 per lesson by Prue Saunders. Meets at the clubhouse on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from 2:15-4:15pm, September - June.  On ALTERNATE THURSDAYS  (2nd and 4th Thursday) we practice at the home of a member.  For further information contact Nancy Bjork.

Why Bridge? According to the experts, bridge can be a lifelong pursuit of new challenges, a learning process that never ends. Bridge is exciting, challenging, frustrating but never boring. Bridge stimulates the brain, as you are always strategizing and planning, using logic, math skills and exercising your memory. Playing bridge is said to stimulate both sides of the brain giving the brain a mental workout that adds to your well being. It is said that playing bridge boosts your immune system, the competitiveness of the game keeps you on your toes and a little feisty, ready for the next challenge. Bridge is a social game that involves communication, trust and teamwork. You can develop friendships with fellow bridge players at your local club or anywhere there is a bridge club to attend. Bridge players all speak the same language or conventions, so understanding one another is relatively easy.
Contact Nancy Bjork for details.

A long-standing Club tradition is our Book Group.   Meetings are held at 7:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the clubhouse. Books are chosen in advance and two themes are selected each year. but might change due to holidays.  Check the online calendar above for book selection details. Contact Margaret Feuer for details.

Our members who love movies can join the Cine' Circle monthly discussions. The sessions are held at the Club on the second Wednesday of the month from 7pm-8:30pm for members to discuss the assigned film. Contact Nancy Wong if you like to be added to the Cine' Circle email distribution list.

Collections for local non-profit groups happen at every month at the Woman's Club Luncheons.  Donations are voluntary, but much appreciated by less fortunate members in our community.  For our 2016-17 season, we will be collecting for many organizations the club has supported in past years. This interest group and standing Club committee meets the 4th Wed of each month at 4:30 in the clubhouse.  Outreach continues to support Haven Family House in Menlo park with twice a month sorting on-site the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, 9:45 to noon. Contact Jenny Stone about this group.

Another fun and long standing Club activity is our Drop-In Social.  Held every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 5-7pm at the clubhouse, the Social is open to Club members and their guests.  Food, wine, soft drinks and stimulating conversation are all on the menu in this casual and friendly environment.   Informal and cozy, the Social is a terrific way to get to know other Club members in an intimate setting.   Contact Celiene O’Hara for more information.  Such a deal!  Wine and snacks all evening for $5.00! 

Contact  Paula Collins or Susan Kaye for details.

Join us for walks of historic areas or places of historic, cultural or architectural interest.  Explore the Bay Area, especially San Francisco.  Bring your lunch and water. Wear comfortable shoes.  A $5.00 fee covers gas for drivers’ cars.  Walks will be announced, both at our luncheons, in the newsletter and by email, at least a month before they occur. Watch for notices. Call Lolly Osborne or Sue Krumbein for more information.


The History Group’s main focus is the care and preservation of materials relating to the history of the Woman’s Club of Palo Alto.Our archive is used for educating members and the community about the formation of the Club over a century ago and how the Club has evolved since.  We keep alive the memory of women who contributed enormously to the character of our city, Palo Alto. The History Corner in the Club newsletter is written by committee members to provide a broad understanding of changes over time of women’s role in our society.  Contact Margaret Feuer for details and the meeting schedule.

Meeting on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm at the clubhouse. Formed in 1998, the WCPA Investment Club provides an opportunity to get to know other members and learn about investing and investments.  Each member is responsible for tracking designated stocks.  Follow the stock market with a shared stake in our investments and grow our friendships. Limited to fifteen members, visitors are welcome.  Contact Julie jerome for more information.

The knit/stitch group meets on the first and third Fridays of the month from 2-4 pm.  We meet at various members homes.  Contact Ginny Noh for meeting locations.  Anyone at all levels who is doing knitting, quilting or any type of stitch work is welcome to join us. Contact Ginnie Noh for more information.

This interest group started in 2014 and begins again in October 2017 for a 4th year of fabulous trips. Museum Fridays will tour on the 2nd Friday of each month, September through May.  Check the online calendar for details and contact Ginny Bechtold, Judy Frost or Jean Pressey to be added to our email list about upcoming trips.

This group formed in 2013.  The Mystery Book Club meets the 2nd Thursday of the month, 6-7:30 pm at the Clubhouse.  Open to all members!  Contact Susan Kaye.     

The Sunshine Committee sends cards, makes phone calls and visits members who are ill or going through a difficult time.  This activity is dependent on members notifying the Sunshine Chair of members who are ill or in need of support. Occasions such as marriages and births have also been observed. Contact Chris Kenrick for details.

This group formed in 2014!  Bike around town. Join us for fun local rides with a lunch stop. We meet at 11 am on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Routes TBD. All riders at all levels are welcome. Find out  more at the September orientation and luncheon. Contacts: Jean MacDonell







Board of Directors

Officers for 2016-17

President Sue Krumbein

First Vice President Carolyn Pierce

Second Vice President Margo Ogus

Treasurer Cathy Kroymenn

Recording Secretary Lisa Sten

Corresponding Secretary Lolly Osborne

Finance Officer Meg Monroe

Directors, Term ends May 31, 2018
Carol Diamond
Mary Griffith

Directors, Term ends May 31, 2019
Judy Creek
Ellen Rosenblum
Annette Ross
Jenny Stone

Ad-HOC Committees

Capital Projects Committee Carol Lippert, Meg Monroe


Gaveleers (Past Presidents)
Chair, Wanda Cavanaugh
Eileen Brooks, Margaret Feuer, Carol Lippert, Sarah French, Julie Jerome, Sandra Pearson, Emily Renzel, Christine Shambora, Sharon Small, Jana Stevens, Vicki Sullivan, and Margaret (Boots) Gould, Gaveleer Emeritus


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Chairwomen and Committees

Dean of Committees Carolyn Pierce
Capital Projects Carol Lippert
By-Laws/Parlimentarian Julie Jerome
Community Outreach Jenny Stone
Finance Meg Monroe
History Margaret Feuer
Hospitality (Greeters)  Paula Collins, Susan Kaye
House and Grounds Wynne Furth, Lisa Sten
Leadership Development, Donna Sheridan
Luncheon Nancy Alexander, Linda Vlasic
Membership Margo Ogus
Music Sue Kemp
Newsletter Editor Chris Kenrick
Nominating Committee First VP Carolyn Pierce
Philanthropy Jackie Schoelerman, Rezvan Moghaddam
Programs Mayla Clark
Rentals Mary Griffith, Shelley Sweet
Sunshine Lolly Osborne
Yearbook Julie Jerome, Ellie Mansfield