Get moving and reserve your seat on the bus!

  • The bus fare to museums is $25 per trip and covers both getting to the museum and getting back to Palo Alto (round-trip). 
  • Bus fare must be paid 1 month in advance of the Museum Friday date (always the 2nd Friday of the month - put on you calendar!).  This is a requirement of the bus company to book the vehicle.
  • Make checks payable to Eileen Brooks, NOT to The Woman’s Club..  This is not a “money-maker”.  Eileen will be charging the bus on her personal credit card.  We are reimbursing Eileen, not the Woman’s Club.
  • Mail or drop checks off at Eileen’s house - 780 Montrose Ave, PA 94303.  Montrose Ave is across the street from Cubberly, on the other side of Middlefield.
  • Include a note with your check specifying which Museum Friday dates you are buying your bus set.  You can buy on a month-by-month basis or you can sent a check to cover multiple dates.  We need to know your dates so you will have a seat on the bus.