The D.A.R. pin belonged to Ms. Rice's mother. The top bar is engraved with “Ex-Chapter Regent, Kaskaskia Chapter" from when she lived in Illinois. This is the name of a tribe of Native Americans in Illinois.  The three pins attached to the blue and white ribbon are each inscribed with the name of an ancestor who fought in the American Revolution. 

Here's a little bit about the

 Geo W. Welch & Son company.

Our September 2016 luncheon speaker, Joyce Rice, gave our members "An Armchair Tour of Historic Members Homes and Lives"  This was the final piece in The Woman's Club of Palo Alto Centennial Celebration series.  Ms Rice is a former Oak Park (Chicago) and PAST-Heritage docent and gave our members a very interesting perspective of historic homes.

Ms. Rice came in costume and wore a lovely period outfit, plus 2 pieces of jewelry of interest.  

The watch belonged to a great-great aunt. It was given to Ms Rice by her grandmother when she graduated from college. The watch was manufactured by Geo. W. Welsh's Son and is more than 125 years old.

Of course women did not wear watches on their wrists in those days. Watches were usually tucked into a pocket or cummerbund.