On August 14th, four members of The Woman's Club visited four facilities operated by Family and Children Services (FCS).  FCS mission is "to build strong, safe, and self-sufficient individuals, families, and communities".  in 2014, over 11,000 children, teens, and adults participated in programs and services through FCS.

Last spring, The Woman's Club collected well over $2,000 in donations for the FCS organization "The Hub", a drop in center and Independent Living Skills program (ILP) for emancipated foster youth in Santa Clara County.  Our focus was to provide new items these young adults could take to their first-ever apartment.  These items were used to reward individuals who completed a series of independent living classes.

This trip was to revisit The Hub and introduce ourselves to other programs and services provided FCS:  The FCS main counseling offices on Cambridge St in Palo Alto, the Family Violence and Abuse Prevention center and the Substance Abuse center.  FCS also has centers LGBQT services and provides school-based counseling, on-campus, at many of the public schools in Santa Calra County.  

Our second collection for The Hub will be in March 2016.  In the meantime, there are many things we can do to support this valuable program.  Collections have been started for The Hub of backpack and school supplies, donations infant diapers for new mothers, full-size toiletries and cleaning supplies, laundry soap for the free washer and dryer available to these young people at The Hub, as they start a new life.  For more information, contact these ladies who attended the tour:  Sue Krumbein, Kathy McMahon, Mary Grace Bartsch and Donna Bohling.