On June 11th, the Community Outreach standing committee toured the new EcoCenter for the  Environmental Volunteers.  In this beautiful setting overlooking the San Francisco Bay club members got an "inside look" and the full story of how the center was reborn from the old Sea Scout building.

Environmental Volunteers' executive director, Allan Berkowitz greeted members, who learned about the building’s many sustainable elements (who knew they insulate buildings with recycled blue jeans?); experienced the fabulous touchscreen learning displays, and viewed the window in the floor, looking down into the bay.  We checked out the wonderful art exhibit, and learn about a fabulous, local organization that inspires kids of all ages to love science and nature. 

(Warning: No one visits the Environmental Volunteers without learning something about nature and without being enthralled by their many wonderful teaching kits.) 

Community Outreach finished the year with this fantastic tour and held the final meeting in the EcoCenter's Fenwick Hall.  Thank you ladies and all members for supporting Community Outreach!