Thank You Sue & Eileen!  Such a beautiful day and equally beautiful ladies!  Sue 's narrative was perfect and set the tone for the mural display.  Lunch at Eileen's was lovely, relaxing and grand opportunity to chat. Love to all!  Have a joyous holiday!     xoxo Lolly

Wow! Thank you Lolly for the wonderful pictures! Just want to tell you how much fun I had yesterday. Everything was so perfect; from the sun-shining on us (until the return train ride), to the information I learned about Coit Tower, the wonderful view and gathering from Eileen's apartment on Telegraph hill, and finally to the walk back to the station. I was exhausted but so joyous! I told my husband we are going back!

Thanks again for all the hard work you and Sue put in behind the scenes. You will see me again on another history walk!       Carol Diamond