On September 18, 2013, the Woman's Club hosted speaker Victor Gauthier, Public Information Officer, San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge.  Victor was a fantastic speaker, explaining the entire project to our members.

The vision of the world’s largest Self-Anchored Suspension Span (SAS) is a reality. The single, nearly 1-mile-long main cable now supports the weight of the bridge. Workers successfully completed the highly complex process called load transfer, which shifted the weight of the 35,200-ton decks from the temporary steel that supported them for the past few years and onto the tower, main cable and suspender ropes and main cable, which is the longest single looped suspension bridge cable in the world; the process took just under three months. The SAS, at 2,047 feet, is the world’s longest SAS and the signature element of the new East Span.

As the longest section of the new East Span at 1.2 miles the Skyway’s graceful parallel decks will transform the appearance of the Bay Bridge, as well as the way motorists experience their drive, thanks to sweeping, unencumbered views of the Bay. The sleek side-by-side east and westbound decks arc out gracefully over the Bay, a distinct change from the gray steel truss box of the original bridge that now carries traffic.

Read much, much more about the construction of the bridge at the official web site of The San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge Seismic Safety Project. and watch the videos of this fascinating contrstruction.