Abilities United  --  The Palo Alto agency serves children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities. The grant will be used for an education seminar and scholarships.

Acterra -  Acterra is a local environmental organization that engages young people and adults in habitat restoration projects. The grant is to train volunteers for a restoration project on Matadero Creek in Barron Park.

Environmental Volunteers  -  EV volunteers provide hands-on science education in local elementary schools. This grant will provide scholarships for a summer day camp for children from two East Palo Alto schools.

Palo Alto History Museum  --  The grant will support a future community resource in the restored Roth Building for those interested in local history.

Peninsula Stroke Association  -  PSA is a Palo Alto based volunteer driven organization that strives through education to prevent strokes and provide support to survivors and caregivers. This grant will underwrite workshops to continue monthly training for caregivers of stroke survivors.

Project Safety Net  --  A coalition of the Palo Alto School District, the City of Palo Alto and other social service agencies that seeks to address the issues surrounding teen suicides. The grant provides funds for Track Watch and the Sources of Strength program.

Reading Partners  --  The Mariano Castro School in Mountain View is part of a national program of volunteers who meet with elementary students who need encouragement and improved skills in reading. The grant will provide funds to buy books for their library.

Spark  --  The organization seeks to address the issue of a national dropout crisis by matching at-risk middleschool students with apprenticeships in their “dream” job and providing leadership classes at school. The grant will be used to train volunteers in Redwood City.