Blossom Birth -- $1000 to support outreach to hospitals and the medical community to create awareness of services available at the center that support new parents and address issues of post-partum depression.

Clara Mateo -- $1000 to provide funding to support services for homeless families that include: day services, weekly food distribution, and individual case management.  The facility is located on the VA campus in Menlo Park and serves non-vets as well as vets.

Jeremiah’s Promise -- $500 to provide funds for bus passes for school transportation to emancipated foster children (girls) ages 18-22 who live in a group home.

Music in the Schools -- $1000 to supplement the salaries of 2 teachers who currently receive $25,000 each to provide music experience (based on CA State standards) to 1000 children in 3 elementary schools, pre-school through grade 3.  Funds will go towards salaries for the 2010 school year.

Opportunity Center Hotel de Zink -- $1100 to support expenses of program costs of Hotel de Zink; a program providing overnight shelter for the homeless at local churches.  Each community church provides a facility for a month.  The per person per night cost is $20.

Rosalie Rendu Center -- $500 to hire transportation to take 40 resident young mothers to local community colleges to increase awareness of further educational opportunities.  The center is located in a housing complex in East Palo Alto and provides ESL classes.