Dec 7, 2013:  The Leaque of Women Voters and The Palo A;lot Woman's Club so-hosted a forum on the Status of Women at the Woman’s Club on Saturday, December 7, 2014.  The occasion for this event was the 75th Anniversary of the local League of Women Voters. More than ninety women (and a few men) attended the three-hour event.  Marlene Prendergast, long-time member of both organizations welcomed the attendees on behalf of the Woman’s Club.  Mary Alice Thornton, President of the League of Women Voters of Palo Alto convened the conference.  This was a very positive event for both organizations. 


A distinguished panel of professional women spoke individually and discussed among themselves the more recent gains women have made in political, economic and personal forums. Barbara Spreng, also a member of both organizations, served as moderator. Panelists included Carol Christ, former professor at UC Berkeley and President of Smith College who elaborated on the many fields of endeavor that are still not open to women equally.  Ladoris Cordell, Stanford Law graduate, former Superior Court Judge and currently Independent Police Auditor for the City of San Jose, summarized court cases (some quite recent) that discriminated quite amazingly against women. Myra Strober, Director of the Center for Research on Gender at Stanford University, presented statistics indicating the extent of discrimination toward women even in this age of enlightenment.  Audience questions indicated special interest in the issues women face in accomplishing a career and motherhood at the same time.


Many political officials sent commendations to the League in honor of its anniversary. Rich Gordon, of the California State Assembly and Jerry Hill, State Senator jointly presented a framed resolution.  Jennifer Waggoner, President of the League of Women Voters of California addressed the gathering, speaking enthusiastically about the importance of the League process in education and politics.

Submitted By:  Marlene Prendergast, 1st Vice President, Woman’s Club of Palo Alto